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Lori Roberts has always loved the south. Her historical fiction novels, set in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky, bring themes of family, country, and slavery to the foreground as the country is thrust into the War Between the States.

Lost Letters~A Civil War Love Story, gives the reader a taste of time travel and the paranormal wrapped up in a love story that crosses time to help both the living and the dead. Ellie Morgan, newly divorced, learns she is the sole heir to a relative she doesn’t know. She inherits a large plantation and all the furnishings, including a Civil War ghost. Ellie crosses time to help the unsettled ghost find closure and a new beginning for her.

Willow, set during the turbulant years of the War Between the States, brings young Cordelia Barlow to a place of love and acceptance after her only constant is taken from her, throwing her life into turmoil. It is during the War and occupation of the town by Yankee soldiers that she learns both love and loss, as well as the secret her family tried to protect her from knowing.

The lowcountry, a place of beauty and intrigue, beckoned Lori to Charleston and Johns Island to write the Lowcounty Ghost Trilogy.  Cries in the Night, A Lowcountry Ghost Story, is the first book in the series. It takes place in Charleston and introduces the reader to Carly Tabor, a sensitive who learns about her gift as her home is being haunted by a series of spirits who lived in the house two hundred years earlier. Carly must overcome her fear of the dark spirit in the house to find the answers to what is causing the haunting.

Where the Sweetgrass Grows, the second book in the Lowcountry Ghost Trilogy. It was the 2019 Silver Falchion Finalist for Suspense at Killer Nashville, an international writer’s conference for mystery and suspense. In this novel, Carly Tabor put her “gift” to rest, or so she thought, after the mystery to the haunting of her King Street home was finally solved. Fast forward to two years later, and overhearing the mother of a missing teen opens up the senstive’s clairvoyant ability, taking her on a deadly search for the whereabouts of three other missing girls. The hunt will span a time of forty years, and Carly soon learns the killer is back for his fifth victim- her!

In September of 2019, Lori released her first YA historical fiction book. The title, This Dark and Bloody Ground, book one in the Tales of Frontier America series. Set during the years surrounding the Revolutionary War and pioneer migration throught the Cumberland Gap and into Kentucke, the Diele family follow Daniel Boone to the new settlement of Boonesborough in 1776. Their daughter, Maggie, is taken captive by an Indian who takes her a hundred miles over the mountains to the Cherokee village of Cowatee. Will she make it back to Boonesborough, or will she forever be a prisoner of the Indians?

Lori is currently working on two books.  Remember My Name~ Oukonunaka’s Tale, is book two in the Tales of Frontier America Series, with a release date sometime in the fall of 2020. Sing a Song of Murder, a novel based on a true story in a small Indiana town in 1904. This book is also planned to be released late in 2020.